THE NEEDS PARTY USA has been delivering results since 2011.  The name of this new political party in the United States has evolved over the years and it has now settled on; #NeedsParty which is a proud member of #UNN #USUnitesNetwork www.usunites.com @USUnitesUS  

Since 2011, the Needs National Committee has been the home of the Needs Party, the oldest honest “for the people party” in the United States.  We are a political party in the United States focused on meeting needs of the upper class, middle class and poor and own the American Dream.  Through negotiation, collaboration we come together to help unite on healthy versions of needs.

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Love
  • Community

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Today we are millions of supporters strong, fighting for progress and helping elect Needs candidates across the country to city, state government, Congress, and the White House.

There are several core beliefs that tie our party together: Needs believe that we’re greater together than we are on our own—that this country succeeds when everyone gets a fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules.

Our party, led by Roy Dan ‘Backpack’ Baron, is focused on building a healthier safer communities, jobs, food, clothing, shelter, love, sense of community and quality assurance that lifts up all Americans, not just those at the top.  We are here to help meet your needs.

Daniel Roy Baron candidate for Potus45 is starting a new USA political party #NeedsParty
Daniel Roy Baron candidate for Potus45 is starting a new USA political party #NeedsParty

That’s why Needs work to make progress on issues like national security, job creation, equal pay, education, health care, equality, gay marriage, and clean energy.

Our party has led the fight for equality, civil rights, health care, Social Security, workers’ rights, and women’s rights. We are the party of countless everyday Americans who work each day to build a more perfect union. Take a look at some of our accomplishments, and you’ll see why we’re proud to be members of the Needs.

We love our country and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.

(442) 224-4094

Washington, DC


The Needs National Committee, or NNC, was created during the Needs National Convention of 2011, it’s been responsible for governing the Needs Party and it is the best brightest most honest party committee in the United States.

The Committee, which plans the Party’s presidential nominating convention and promotes the Needs Platform, the statement of core principles at the heart of our Party, is governed by its Charter and Bylaws.

The NNC also raises money, hires staff, and coordinates strategy to support candidates throughout the country for local, state, and national office.

Additionally, the Committee works with various constituencies to respond to the needs and views of all Needs across our nation.

Under the leadership of Chairman Daniel Roy ‘Backpack’ Baron, the NNC will be composed of the chairs and vice-chairs of each state NNC Party Committee and hundreds of members elected by Needs candidates in all 50 states and territories.

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